High Desert Youth Football Championship

pdfHDYFC Tournament Rules and Age Divisions.pdf

Teams will be put in tournament divisions according to their age and weight. Players must be at least eight (7) years old and no older than fifteen (15) years old on August 31st of the current year. Each age group has minimum and maximum weight requirements (see chart below) which may affect which division your team is assigned to. Teams must provide proof of league insurance.


8 and under

9 and under

10 and under

11 and under

12 and under


8yr olds up to 135lbs 

9yr olds up to 140lbs 

10yr olds up to 145lbs 

11yr olds up to 155lbs 

12yr olds up to 160lbs 

13-14yr olds up to 170lbs 

There are restrictions on who can carry the football. If it is determined that a player is over the maximum weight according to their division they will not be allowed to carry or advance the football and must play a interior line position on offense and defense.

Each player will be weighed in prior to being allowed to participate in their first game. Once the initial weight is determined, no additional weigh-ins will be required. A visual check of each player will be traded prior to every game to ensure that all players are checked and present for each game. The coach or team parent must have all registration paperwork present and available at each game in the TEAM BOOK. 

Weigh-ins can be conducted in shorts at a place to be determined. If your team is unable to weigh-in at the host hotel then your team MUST arrive at the tournament game fields at 8:00am on the first day of tournament play or 7:00am if your first game is 8:00am. 

Once a player is weighed-in and makes the required weight, they will be given a wrist band that must be worn all weekend. All players must have their wrist band on to participate in the tournament. All Players will be given Green wrist bands. Players that are over the designated weight of a potential ball carrier will receive a Helmet Sticker and a Red wrist band that denotes a player that is not allowed to carry the football and must play an interior down linemen position on offense and defense. Any player with a Helmet sticker cannot advance a fumble, interception or a muff. The whistle will be blown dead if a red sticker gains possession. 

A Player of any weight may kick on extra points but not advance the ball if the play gets muffed.

If a player loses their wrist band they must inform the Tournament Director and or Field Commissioner and be weighed-in and have their birth certificate re-verified. A player who plays in a game without their wrist band on will be ejected from the tournament and a 15 yard penalty will be assessed (unsportsmanlike conduct). If a 2nd player is ejected the coach will be ejected as well. 

The High Desert Youth Football Championship Staff must have access to the team book at all times. The team book consists of a liability certificate, a official team roster and a valid birth certificate from either the State Division of Vital Statistics, the Federal Government or the Military for each player before the player may participate. 

All teams are required to submit their official team rosters signed by their respective league administrators by November 14, 2013. If you are not able to forward your official roster a week before the tournament please contact the tournament director.

A Player must have participated in your league at their respective age to play in this tournament. A roster signed by your league director with His / Her contact information must be presented at weigh-ins. 

Players may only participate in one (1) age/ weight Division. Once registered for a particular Division, no switching or changing allowed. 

Teams using Ineligible players will be dismissed from the tournament immediately and NO REFUND will be provided. 


No High School Players Allowed Period! That Includes players from Freshman and Junior Varsity Teams. 

All players on a team must wear the same color uniforms. Helmets, pants and jerseys must all be the same color. 

All games will consist of (4) equal (10) minute quarters each.

The Home team will be on the East (North) side and the Visitors will be on the West (South) side. 

Team Rosters MUST have a MINIMUM of (16) Players. 

In order to keep the Tournament on schedule any team not ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled start of their game will forfeit that game. 

Scoring Values: Touchdown - 6 points; Extra points are awarded as follows: 2 points for kicks And 1 point for a pass or a run; Safety - 2 points; Field goal - 3 points

Special Teams:

Kick-offs are live for ALL age/weight groups.

Punting will be live for ALL age/weight groups.

All age groups can attempt extra points. (Run, Pass or Kick). 

The Pee Wee (8 and 9) and Rookie (9 and 10) are allowed one coach on the field during regular game play. That coach is restricted from interfering in any manner of play. If officials determine that a coach interferes, that coach will be ejected from the field of play for the duration of that game and his team forfeits the right to have a coach on the field for the remainder of the game. Radio headsets will be allowed on the field by coaches only. 

Each team will be responsible for providing their game ball. The game officials will determine if a football is adequate for play. 

A running clock will be utilized in any game in which a team is behind by 35 points at half time. The clock will not be stopped until the point difference becomes less than 35 points. 

All Game tie breakers will be decided by current National Federation High School Athletic Association Rules. The tiebreaker rule of the NFHS Rule Book will be in effect for all High Desert Youth Football Championship games.  After the first tiebreaker period, the ball shall be placed one yard closer to the goal line for each successive overtime period. 

If any player, coach, or spectator is ejected by a referee, field representative, security personnel or local police, the ejection will be for the remainder of that game. 

No Fighting period. If you or your team fights you and your team will be automatically disqualified for the remainder of that game. 

There will be no smoking, chewing of tobacco, or alcohol use in the stands, on the sidelines before, during, or after any games. Officials will assess any unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for any violation and the person will be ejected from the playing field. 

Anyone found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected from the tournament and will not be allowed at any field for the remainder of the tournament day. Anyone found to have weapons of any kind will be immediately ejected from the tournament and will not be allowed at any field for the balance of the tournament. 

Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. You will be removed from the premises and arrested by local police. 

Any topics not discussed are covered by the National Federation High School Athletic Association and its rules.